The cocksucking warmongers in the swamp capital of the world and their courtiers (in German: Hofschranzen) hysterically blow the bugle for war in the Ukraine – literally until their heads explode. But why, in the f-ing name of the non existing sky gods? Simple . . .

The bully empire has nothing left but its “military might” which leaves death and destruction in its wake. (N.B. It can only wage war and has long since forgotten how to win one.)

The self declared “beacon of democracy, freedom and prosperity” never was a shining city on the hill but a “plague infested shithole” from its very inception, as it was founded on genocide and slavery.

Ruled by a plutocracy, which dupes its citizens with propaganda and sham elections, this greedy misanthropic organized crime syndicate, aptly called the “military-industrial-congressional-judicial-media-banking-complex”, nurtures only two ambitions: more profit and more power.

Ah! And rapture, of course. Fanatical christian fascists, once a minor death cult on the fringes, now a well established death cult in the centers of power, desperately crave for the second coming of the “nailed one” and gladly would start a nuclear war over this delusional psychosis “to fulfill the book”.

But the worst of the worst are the bully’s coward allies, the so called NATO member states and their saber rattling general secretary, who are only too willing to aid in their master’s harebrained schemes for the Ukraine – and hope to survive a possible (nuclear) fallout. One only has to listen to the media propaganda in our “liberal democracies of the free West” to realize that our governments, contrary to their solemn proclamations, don’t give a flying fuck about today’s true pressing issues like global heating and environmental devastation and poverty . . . to name a few.

No, rather, they prefer to distract the grumbling masses from their complete and utter failure as political leaders. These “elected” serfs only serve the ultra rich and the small club of the zero-point-zero-one-percenters. Wake up to reality, you cheap political subs, you will burn like the rest of us . . .

Great prospect. Isn’t it?

(And no, I don’t like the New Tsarist State nor the Big Red Republic either. But there are levels to evil, guys, and the baddy with the biggest military surely tops the list.)

Here’s a great tune for everybody who couldn’t care less about the sorry state of affairs and, instead, likes to dance on graves:

THE COMMODORES – Machine Gun . . .

Get moving, folks. Knock yourself out . . .

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